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Lao culture is rich in history, tradition, art and folklore.
Lao culture is different from Western and other Asian cultures. The rich culture of Laos is rooted in immense spirituality, as the predominant religion of The Buddhism has influences extending from lifestyle to art and architecture.

Lao costume is very diverse, colorful and sparkling. It reflects Lao people's conception of the natural and mythological world and skillful techniques of weaving and embroidering of Lao women.

Laos costumes diversify from different ethnic groups and can vary depending on the region as well (i.e. northern, southern parts of Laos.

Khaen Lao

The Khaen is a tradition musical instrument of Laos. Music of the khaen is to Lao culture what the Blues, Jazz, and Bluegrass are to American culture. The khaen is often played at special events, such as baci ceremonies, funerals, and during festivals ('boon'). It is often performed as an accompaniment to lum or as part of an ensemble; in these settings, the khaen's complexity is overshadowed by the voices of the maw lum and other instruments. When played solo, however, it becomes obvious that this instrument is complex and requires many years of training to master.  LACSGA will bring this heritage instrument into our art & culture program to promote and preserve the music of the khaen in our community and for future generations to come.

Image Gallery - cultural performance at our grand opening event on March 25, 2017

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